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My name is Michele Barker and I live in Brigham City, Utah.  However, my Arizona heart craves warmer and more stable weather!

I am a mother to four wonderfully crazy kids, three boys and one girl.  Life is crazy but you just have to embrace it!

I have always loved photography and the ability it gives us to capture a moment in time.  Photographs of my family, past and present, are counted among my greatest material possessions.  I love capturing different personalities and the uniqueness of each individual.  I am excited to help you do that as well through my photography.

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Examples of My Work

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My name is Elizabeth Barker and I am 13 years old.  I love learning from my mother how to shoot in manual and I love to take photos - just like her. My mom accompanies me on every session and gives me tips on lighting and posing.

 I am most comfortable taking photos of kids around my own age  and second shooting at weddings with my mom.  I have done two so far!

When I am not taking pictures I love to play with and make slime (of course!) and do pretty much anything crafty.


Session: $75

Second Shoot Wedding: $75

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